Moving Day

Well, I write this blog from NY. My wife and I are packing up this weekend and the movers load the truck as we get ready to head south. (Our apartment is at 79th and Amesterdam Ave, Manhattan.)

Moving makes my stomach kinda queezy. But honestly, it must be much worse for my wife. I move from job to job and fortunately she has come along for the ride.

This will be, let me count, I think our eighth move since we’ve been married. Let me count it up.

Dayton to Charlotte

Charlotte to Tampa

Tampa to Philly

Philly to Portland, Maine

Portland to Hartford

Hartford to St. Petersburg

St. Pete to NYC

NYC to Atlanta.

I’m lucky. Very lucky. We’ve been married 31 years and we have two boys.

One’s off the payroll and working in Burbank, Ca. (he’s sorta in the business.)

The youngest is at NYU. He’s doing college in 3 years and major in bio chemistry with plans for a PHd.

We’ve downsized over the past few years. But it’s still sobering to watch your posessions go into boxes and head to a truck.

In future blogs I’ll write about our plans for WGCL, daily news making decisions and how we’re part of an industry in transition.

Feel free to email me your questions:


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