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More than News…

October 26, 2008

So, just a brief note on where I am this weekend.

I’m writing from Philly. We came up to watch the Phillies play Tampa Bay last night. Game time was supposed to be 8:30. But with the rain the first pitch was closer to 10p. An amazing game that ended around 2 am. Tampa purposely loaded the bases and the Phillies scored. Go Phillies. (And I actually stayed til the end of the game. There wasn’t even a prayer suggesting to my wife we leave early.)

Now we’re off to see the iggles play the falcons. We lived in Philly  couple of times so we have 10 years or so on our philly clock so we’re partial to the bald birds.

I’ll post some photos over the next week.


I’ve been busy, sorry

October 19, 2008

OK, OK, I’ve been a little lax in keeping my blog updated.

I should commend the city for finally talking about Wendy’s trash workers investigation. I am kinda surprised about a couple of his comments.


Basically I heard –

The city is exceeding it’s ot budget.

That it’s not a big deal if the workers sit around, reading newspapers and play checkers.

Hmmmm…maybe this is why the city is millions of dollars over budget.


October 4, 2008


Admittedly I’ve only been here a few months. But one thing I’ve learned is how the Public Information Officers – PIOs basically run the government. And the local newspaper and TV stations allow them. In fact, they endorse it by not asking the tough questions and asking for accountability.

Try getting the Governor to do an interview. The best you’ll get is a mess when the governor makes a public appearance and the reporters start shouting questions. And when the questions get tough the session ends. Amazing. . And then he goes and hides or flees to Europe while the rest of us are around looking for gas.

Then there’s our story on City workers slacking off on the job listening to their iPods, reading newspapers or playing checkers while earning thousands of dollars in OT.  The department manager won’t talk. His flack says they’re working on a response. Working on a response? Heck, we asked for their comments two weeks before the story actually aired. To this day they’re still working on their response. 

Then yesterday the PIO calls me to tell me that they’re still working on their response and it will make it harder and take longer for them to respond as we continue following the story. We should stop reporting on a hug government waste? NOT A PRAYER.

Then there’s the mayor. Try getting an interview with her. Heck, try getting past her flack.

I must admit the flacks in Atlanta do a wonderful job shielding their bosses from accountability and answering the questions.

What I find amazing is the citizens of Atlanta don’t seem to care. They go along their way search for gas, paying taxes for excessive overtime, watch their schools lose accreditation but just think it’s acceptable and part of life.

Part of our job is to hold government accountability and challenge their spin on what they’re telling or not telling the electorate. But the PIOs have figured it bout. Deflect, deter and don’t respond and maybe we’ll go away. Sorry, not on my watch.

Come on folks – as the commercial says WAKE UP!!!!. 

Sarah and the media

October 2, 2008

I’ve been debating about writing this blog. But I figured what the heck.


I’m at a loss about this circle of protect Sarah Palin is getting from appearing on live interview shows.


I don’t get it.


Is there something to hide?


Is the party embarrassed by her?


Was she a late night mistake?


We hear the criticism that the media is picking on her and asking her difficult questions.


Come on.


We’re supposed to be asking her questions. Questions that shows the electorate what she’s about.


I just saw Katie’s interview where she asks Palin what newspaper she reads. Palin doesn’t answer except to say she reads what’s in front of her. What? In front of her?


Katie very politely asks for specifics. Then another Palinesque vague answer.


Katie tries again. Still no answer on what she reads.


Then various bloggers and columnists say Katie picked on her. How? By asking her what she reads?


I’m rather disturbed that someone who is 72 years old away from running this country can’t answer a question. No matter who or what you support you should also be disturbed.


Our role is to uncover, reveal and discover what we can about our candidates. I don’t care about her private life. I do care about knowing her views, opinions and positions on critical issues like the economy, foreign policy and the like.


Oh, and we should be going equally hard after Joe Bidden. What was he thinking with his Hilary comment?


How come the candidates have been a little obtuse on the bail out? But I feel McCain, Obama and Bidden know what the bail out means.


I’m worried when we say bailout to Sarah, she’s think bailing out the boat.


Dear Republican Party:


Let Sarah be Sarah. Let’s see her on the Sunday morning talk shows. Live.