I’m back…

I figured I needed to get my blog going again.

There are several reasons.

First I expect members of my staff to keep their blogs up to date. So it’s only fair that I keep a blog going.

Second, for those us old timers we need to make sure we’re using, playing with and connecting with you through all the platforms available to us. Speaking of platforms, it’s rather clear that we are consuming news more frequently and in different ways.

Recent research shows you are using local TV for content and the web with a surprising increase of folks getting news updates via their smartphones. On the downside – newspapers. In fact, in some categories some demographics get more news via their phone than the newspaper. Hint:  There’s no future in newspapers.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I have two sons, one 26 and the other 21. I’m not sure the last time they read a newspaper except when they were visiting mom and dad. (We read the NYTimes daily. Yes, I’m feeling old.)

However, they are voracious news consumers via the web – especially CNN. I would lay odds that they are more knowledgeable about world events than I was at their age. There’s that age thing again.

So, I’m back and will stay connected.

One of my hopes is that I explain and answer questions you may have about what we do here at CBS Atlanta and our news decision making.



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