Trying to get to la for our son’s wedding

here’s an entry from the cabin of an AA flite to Chicago….

will update later
We’re now on our third or fourth flite change…

this is an update from 34,000 feet on the way to Chi town.

Originally we were to leave at 8:25 and fly to dallas and connect to la

Then last night we got word we had a later flite into and out of dallas – all cool

then after we checked in this am we got an email saying we were moved to an earlier flight.

as we were waiting at the gate we got another email saying our flt to dallas was cancelled and the dallas to lax was cancelled.

They put us on a flite to chicago with connections to lax. But at this point only one of us actually has a seat on the flite – that’s me. We’re now enroute to Chi, but if there is only one seat then I’ll put Karen on it and find any airline that can get me to Lax.

Talk about stress – I can handle ratings, now coverage, budget meetings – but this is a little higher on the stress meter.

adding to it

Karen’s best friends from Philly lost their flites – so last night I was on the phone using hundreds of thousands of miles of airlines miles trying to get them to the wedding.

If you have daughters talk them into eloping. Remember they drive the wedding train, the groom just goes where he is told to go. (Love my soon to be daughter in law)  …sorry for snowmagadon


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