La – the very latest

The road trip continues.

We made it to ORD – otherwise known as Chicago. The challenge was finding out if Karen had a seat,

We stopped at the first American Airlines desk to see if Karen was going to be taking my seat and I would be fending for myself getting to Jan and Ben’s wedding.

Rule 1 – Always be nice to ticket agents. If you’re nice they will try to help and at least not work against you. If you play the nasty game you will lose. I promise.

Our agent was Pam. She was awesome. First she told us what a nightmare this place was this morning because of the issues in the NE and Dallas with weather. She’s been with the company for 32 years – she has street cred.

So she started working the computer. First Karen had no seat, then they put her in coach. Now understand I traveled for years for NBC and had a ton of miles and I used a ton of it to get us in first class. Hey, it’s our son’s wedding and we deserve it.

I was in first, but for some reason Karen now only had a coach seat. Pam did her magic at the keyboard and got us a ticket.

Miracles can happen.

BTW – Rule Number 2 – get every agent’s name. The AA agent in Atl –Janette could have been a little more helpful. She had a little bit of an attitude. I was nice, honest.

So we grabbed some lunch with plans to kill 3 plus hours at Ord. O’Hare, the home of some fine fast food cuisine and Dunkin Doughnuts.

We did try to grab an earlier flight but they were oversold by 5 folks or so and 20 people on the standby list in front of us.

I’m not complaining. As I sit here writing this we’re now on our flight.

We have our first class seats. Nice seats, Karen is happy so I’m happy.

Now, maybe we can relax for a few hours after the past 24 hours of stress.

When we land it starts all over again. We have a production schedule to make sure we get everything done for tomorrow’s rehearsal dinner and then the Saturday nuptials.


I don’t remember our wedding 32.5 years ago anything like this.

Update – after 14 hours we’re here.

But the question is where our bags are? AA can’t find them

Gee, I want to thank Janette the gate agent at gate T11 who promised, promised that our bags would be there. Interesting – this is the same person who assured us that Karen had a seat only to find she wasn’t even on the list when we got to Chicago to connect.

So at the Lax bag office I asked AA where our bags are. They don’t know. The agent admitted that AA is one of the few airlines that don’t track bags.

How can they NOT track bags – especially with homeland security concerns?


2 Responses to “La – the very latest”

  1. Larry Vallad Says:

    I am very disappointed in the four major networks in the Atlanta area. I am an avid fisherman and thought a tournament that generated millions in revenue for the state would at least have given the stats for the different days of the tournaments. Nada. Lots of football, baseball, golf, and other sports events, but not the fishing. We are sportsman also. Your station has an hour show on Sat. night from 7 to 8 and nothing. What a shame. That leaves all the bass fishermen with a sour taste in our mouths.

    Tournaments fisherman

    • steveschwaid46 Says:

      You’re absolutely correct. We covered in our Thursday newscast, but we should have done something Saturday night.

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