American Airlines – how do you track luggage?

We’re back home from LA.

The wedding was, well, great. We had a wonderful time.

But did I hear you ask if we got our luggage? That’s a whole ‘nother story.

We arrived Thursday after 14 hours of travel and a promise from Janette at the Atl ticket counter T11 that our luggage would follow us. I thought she said it would be on our flight. I must have misunderstood her. We got it late Sunday. – Basically on the fourth day of our trip.

Here we are in LA for a wedding and all we had was the clothing on our back and my wife’s dress and my tux that we carried on the plane.

On Sunday morning – like I did twice a day – I called the American Airlines lost baggage line. I finally figured out how to bypass their voice mail picket fence designed to frustrate and infuriate you. Just say “Operator, Operator, Operator.”

I chat with a nice person who asks “you still don’t have your luggage?” Ok, call me foolish. If I had my luggage would I be calling the lost luggage line?

She looks in the file and says they have two pieces at LAX with my name on it. I said then it’s probably mine. She calls the airport and it turns out they never matched the luggage tag numbers with our name. It seems the luggage has been there at least one day. I can’t get her to tell me if it’s been there longer.

So. by late that evening we have our luggage even though we’ve spent hundreds of dollars on clothing for our pre-wedding and post wedding events. We’ve started the process of trying to get reimbursed. Wanna bet they lose our receipts?

So we put it behind us and enjoy our last day with our clothing and head home on Tuesday.

But bet you can’t bet what happens when we land. Yup, American Airlines misplaced one of our bags. I can’t make this stuff up.

The good news, we got it the next day.

And you wonder why I normally only do carry on?


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